Art is Everything
Modern Art by Alex Isaacs Designs

Do you love huge triptychs in bold colors? Or are you partial to minimalist line art?

Whether you love The Masters,  Jackson Pollock, or have a preference for local art fair artists, chances are that your taste in art will be vastly different than your neighbors.

People are bound to look at any number of artworks and ask: Is that really art?


What is Art?

Art is a painting, illustration, dance, theater and crafts. But there's also art in numbers, geometry, logic, the elements of music, poetry and even in logic. (code is art!)

Art is whatever makes your mind sing. Whatever expression momentarily transports you from the mundane to the sublime. It is whatever you want it to be

Whether you choose a hyper-realistic painting or a piece of abstraction that it is broken down to minimal color fields, it is art.

You don't have to justify your choices. Art is whatever makes you happy. Buy a one of a kind piece from a little known painter, or an iteration of the latest trend. Art is everywhere.

With the globalization of visual artists through e-commerce and increasingly affordable works by up and coming artists, it is now possible for people all over the world to own art, to decorate art, to collect art.

You can find that perfect piece to match with your heirloom quilt, you can have a custom piece made to your exact specifications and should you choose, you can change all the artwork in your home for each season.

Adorn your life in your favorite colors. Use art both as a form of escapism or as a tool in your mindful meditation practice.

Art is not confined to an easel or canvas. Art is everywhere: in a beautiful sunset at Barefoot Beach Preserve. a finger painting made with love by a child, in a perfectly cooked meal, asana practice, and even in the Wabi-Sabi of the everyday routine.

Use art as an expression of your most sacred wishes. And use it because it's your favorite color.

You don't have to justify your choices, because there's no "wrong" in art appreciation.

Art is everywhere. Live your life as art. 

October 25, 2019 — Alex Isaacs Designs, Inc.

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