Sherwin Williams Color Trends 2020 - Design Event - Estero, Florida

Sherwin Williams Color Mix Forecast 2020 - Design Event

Color Mix forecast for 2020 is here from Sherwin Williams.  Don't miss this fabulous design event at the Miromar Design Center on November 7, 2019. It will be a fun educational event showcasing the fabulous new colors from Sherwin Williams for 2020.

The location of the Sherwin Williams Color Mix forecast 2020 event is:

Miromar Design Center
10800 Corkscrew Road
Ralph Lauren Home
Showroom Suite 348
Estero, FL 

The new Sherwin Williams colors are simply divine. They are truly a Balance of 45 unique trend Colors. There are five captivating color palettes that evoke tons of emotions, such as serenity, joy, balance and focus.  

Mantra - Color palette

  •  The Mantra color palette is a blend of beautiful soft neutral colors.
  •  Minimalistic
  •  Serenity 
  •  Sanctuary
  •  Scandinese

    photo credit: Mantra color palette setting 
    Sherwin Williams Mantra Color palette - setting

Heart - Color palette

  • The Heart color palette collection has a modern yet boho chic vibe.
  •  Bohemian
  •  Fusion
  •  Humanity
  •  Bauhaus

    photo credit: Sherwin Williams - Heart color palette setting
    photo credit - Sherwin Williams - Heart color palette

 Alive - Color palette

  •  The Alive color palette is positive, nurturing and rejuvenating.
  •  Optimism
  •  New Local
  •  Authenticity

    photo credit: Sherwin Williams Alive color palette - setting
    Sherwin Williams - Alive color palette


Haven - Color palette

  •  The Haven color palette is calm, earthy and seasonal.
  •  Simplicity
  •  Conservation
  •  Material Health

    photo credit: Sherwin Williams Haven color palette setting
    Sherwin Williams - Haven Color palette - setting


Play - Color palette

  •  The Play color palette is buoyant, energetic, fun and charming.
  •  Escapism
  •  Joy
  •  Humor
  •  Harmony

    photo credit: Sherwin Williams Pay Color palette - setting
    Sherwin Williams - Play color palette - example setting


October 29, 2019 — Alex Isaacs Designs, Inc.

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