The Trivial: The Art of Perfume.

I have a collection of over 100 full-size bottles, many miniatures, countless sample vials. I love perfumes. All perfumes. 
Well, most perfumes (I am looking at you, Putain des Palaces) - I view fragrance as an extension of my true self. 
As a way to express my innermost thoughts without saying a word, without paint. 


The Art of Perfume.

Perfume is an art.


It’s an art to make fragrance. And there’s an art to picking it and wearing it well.

Since my early childhood, I’ve been obsessed. So much so, that at around 8 years old, instead of asking for a Barbie. I begged my parents to buy me perfume making supplies.

Clear Apothecary Perfume Bottle Surrounded by Natural Botanicals

Image by Seksak Kerdkanno from Pixabay

My father obliged and bought me a set of essential oils and perfumer’s alcohol from the local apothecary.

I then proceeded to fill endless empty bottles with my mostly patchouli, ylang-ylang, and sandalwood laden concoctions. Which I then sold to any and all of my relatives and family friends.

Many, many, many decades later, I am still obsessed. I collect perfumes. I love perfumes.

I have more than I will ever admit. The exact number is a secret. Few people could understand. 

Please don’t judge me.

When I smell a perfume (good or bad) I am transported to an alternate world. And I want you to come with me.

And before you ask “Fine. But what does this have to do with art?” 

Read on.

The Journey

When I am working on a painting I leave this world. I am immersed in the alternate beauty of this creation. Minutes pass, the hours, the days. And I live within the painting.

 I am The Architect.

The olfactory journey is just the same. Time suspends and troubles pause without weight.

The adventure begins.

The Transporter

Art and fragrance share the magical ability to break space-time (The Sublime)

You can travel to a market in Turkey (L’Artisan’s “Traversee du Bosphore”) or live in the moment, (Replica’s “Lazy Sunday Morning”)

Wonder. Meditate. Contemplate! 

Visual art and fragrance will transport you.

The Art of Fragrance

In “The Art of Fragrance” series, I will explore fragrance using visual art - not so many words. 

I will make a work of visual art (modern art, contemporary art, abstract art) based solely on the Fragrance-of-the-day.

The first impression will translate to the underpainting. And with each brushstroke, I will attempt to capture a fleeting note and attempt to immortalize it as a visual moment.

No, I am not saying that my art will be THE visual representation of the fragrance.

 But rather my interpretation of it.

I will create a limited edition giclee based on the scent discovery.

Whether it invokes: ink, watercolor, impasto, encaustic or pencil. Representational art or abstract - I will make whatever visual representation it demands. 

The scent will be my muse.


Is a fragrance collection ever complete? Will “The One” come and sweep me off my feet? Will the colors ever stop representing the notes in a fragrance accord? Is it possible to find the end of the infinite universe?

Whether you love the spontaneity of a Pollock or the fugitive thrill of a Guerlain Aqua Allergoria; the successiveness of a Mugler or the simple precision of a Mondrian, embark on this journey of Trivial and Sublime experiences of the senses. 

What are your favorites?

The Art of Fragrance series continues here.

November 18, 2019 — Alex Isaacs Designs, Inc.



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Love your post and your blog. It brought so many wonderful memories. Thanks for sharing and please keep up the great job on your blog. It is fantastic…

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