What's in a name?

Alex Isaacs is a tribute to my brothers: Alex and Isaac.

My name is Elizabeth.

I am a visual story-teller.


About Me

I was born in the Caribbean coast of Colombia and grew up in Southern Florida. My studio is in South West Florida (somewhere between the Gulf beaches and the Florida Bayou)

I had a colorful childhood. My earliest memories are marked by family trips. My father heavily preferred wild, uninhabited locales and exotic locations to hotels. Never had an ordinary childhood vacation. These strong childhood memories marked my love of color.

Now I live within a nature preserve area. We have alligators in the ponds, bears in the back woods, coyotes, thousands of birds migrate here for winter and even Florida Panthers roam through the streets at night.

Nothing is mild.

I see the world with blinding intensity and my art is a visual interpretations of my thoughts and struggles.

I have a passion to explore the philosophy of art.

I love reading about theology and physics. I have an obsession with tessellations and fractals – I find them soothing and entrancing. (My favorite fractal is the Mandelbrot set)

I prefer bold bright colors—high value, high chroma. I live my life intensely and bold colors speak my truth.

I often photograph ordinary things, and later paint them and enhance them with digital software.

I love to use watercolors and acrylic. Yet, I’ve created most of my work using digital painting and illustration. I equate traditional mediums to theology and digital painting to physics – The trivial and the divine.

I couldn’t live with just one form of artistic expression.Just as I can’t live with just one color.